Jon Sayers Director of Photography

Sarah Everard: The Search for Justice

"The film will make you furious. Outrage, however, is far easier to take than horror and despair, emotions this unflinching documentary never shies away from."  The Guardian

Director: Lottie Gammon. BBC Studios for BBC1. 2024

Bad Host: Hunting the Couchsurfing Predator

A three part series in which a group of women recount their long struggle to bring down a predatory Italian policeman, find justice and rebuild their lives. Interviews with the women, investigative journalists and lawyers are interwoven with scenes of cinematic actuality and dramatic reconstruction to build a sensitive and powerful testimony to the women's campaign.

Director: Lottie Gammon. Lightbox for Sky Documentaries. 2023

9/11: Inside the President's War Room

George W Bush and his inner circle recount their experiences and and emotions in the immediate aftermath of the attacks on 9/11; charting the administration's shift from shock and confusion to anger and how it's desire for retribution overwhelmed any other possible response.

 "A remarkable documentary - astonishing and petrifying" The Guardian. 

Director: Adam Wishart. Wish/Art Films for BBC and Apple TV. 2021

Michael X: Hustler, Revolutionary, Outlaw

A portrait of the many lives of Michael de Freitas.

Director: James Van Der Pool. BBC Studios for Sky Arts. 2021

Bend the Curve (w/t)

Two films following Greta Thunberg as she travels the world highlighting the unfolding climate crisis.

Director: Joe Myerscough. BBC Studios. In production 2020

    Murder in the Car Park

    An investigation into police corruption and the cover-up surrounding the unsolved murder of Daniel Morgan in south London in the 1980s.

    Directors: Bruce Goodison and Adam Wishart. Indefinite Films. TX 2020

    The Trial of Lady Chatterly

    A revisting of D.H.Lawrence’s powerful novel, the outrage it caused and the part it played in cracking open a moribund British society.

    Director: Mathilde Damoisel. Quark Productions for Arte. TX 2019


    Three films in a twelve part series looking at the first year of life. The films profile pioneering scientists advancing our understanding of early development and how this shapes us for the rest of our lives

    Directors: Annabel Gillings, Tristan Quinn, Toby Macdonald. Nutopia for Netflix 2019

    Inside the Vatican

    Two part series examining the Vatican city-state and Pope Francis’ attempts to reform the Catholic Church.

    Director: Silvia Sacco Oxford Films for BBC and Netflix TX Autumn 2019

    Wonders of the Moon

    A exploration of how the monthly lunar cycle has shaped life on earth.

    Director: James Van Der Pool BBC 2017

    Black and Britsh – A Forgotten History

    David Olusoga explores the longstanding relationship between Britain and Africa.

    Director: James Van Der Pool BBC 2 TX Nov 2016

    Arctic Live

    A series of films examining the changing Arctic environment.

    Director: Ben Finney. TX BBC 2 Nov 2016

    Countdown to Life: The Extraordinary Making of You

    One film in a three part series looking at how our time in the womb sets the blueprint for the rest of our lives. Presented by Michael Moseley.

    Director: Helen Sage BBC2. TX September 2015

    ‘Mesmerising take on the miracle of life shows the BBC at it’s best’. The Guardian

    Britain’s Forgotten Slave Owners

    Two films exposing the extent and legacy of slave owning in Britain. Presented by David Olusoga

    Directors: James Van Der Pool and Ben Crichton. BBC2 Tx July 2015

    Country Life

    Three part observational series looking at the pleasures and pressures of life in rural Britain..

    Director: Jane Treays. Spun Gold Tv for BBC2. In production

    Living with Autism

    Horizon BBC2. Tx 2014. Director Helen Sage

    The Widowmaker

    Feature Documentary for Oxford Films Director: Patrick Forbes

    Cloud Lab

    Two films exploring the atmosphere. Director: James Van der Pool.

    BBC 2. Tx 2013

    Inside Claridges

    3 part series for BBC 2. The Garden Productions.

    Director: Jane Treays. TX 2012

    Observational series on the famous London Hotel. “an exquisite piece of documentary filmmaking that never put a foot wrong”. The Guardian


    Series for Channel 4. Oxford Film and Television Director: Patrick Forbes. TX 2012

    A South American Journey with Jonathan Dimbleby

    3 part series for BBC2. Fresh One Productions. Broadcast 2011

    Filmed in Chile, Bolivia, Colombia, Venezuela and Brazil.

    Directors: Chris Boulding and Ruhi Hamid

    What happened before the Big Bang?

    Horizon BBC2. 2010. Director: Peter Leonard

    An African Journey with Jonathan Dimbleby

    3 part series for BBC 2 . Fresh One Productions. 2010

    Filmed in Mali, Ghana, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Democratic Republic of Congo, Zambia and South Africa

    Directors: Chris Boulding, Ruhi Hamid, Robin Barnwell

    The Force

    4 part series for Channel 4. Oxford Film and Television.

    "a rigorous piece of documentary film-making" The Times


    3 part series for BBC 4. Oxford Film and television. 2009. Director: Nick Angel

    "dispassionate and intimately observed" Radio Times. "…another hypnotic film in a tremendous series" The Times. "…beautifully filmed…" The Sunday Times.

    English Heritage

    5 part series for BBC 4. Oxford Film and Television. 2009. Director: Patrick Forbes

    "…tremendous…with a gift for storytelling" The Times

    Jamie's American Road Trip

    Six part series for Fresh One and Channel 4 2009

    Directed by Kirstie Cunningham, Pamela Gordon and Lana Saleh


    3 part series for BBC 2. Oxford Films and Television. 2007. Director: Patrick Forbes

    The Hunger Season

    Feature Documentary on the food crisis in Swaziland. More4.

    Yipp Films. 2006. Director: Beadi Finzi

    The President's Guide to Science

    Horizon BBC2. 2007. Director: James Van Der Pool

    Inside Tehran

    BBC 4 documentary. 2007. Director: Paul Sapin

    Russian Godfathers

    3 part series for BBC 2. Oxford Films and Television. Director: Patrick Forbes

    "Enthralling and bleakly funny…it's not often that you get an opportunity to watch Monopoly and Russian roulette played by some of the richest and most ruthless men in the world" The Times

    The Six Million Dollar Experiment.

    Director: James Van Der Pool Horizon. BBC2. 2006

    Britain in Bed

    Director: Pippa Robinson BBC One Life 2008

    The Launderette - BBC Waiting Rooms

    Director: Colm Martin BBC 4. Sheffield Documentary Festival Selection 2006

    The National Trust

    4 part series for BBC 4. Oxford Film and Television. Director Patrick Forbes

    "Hilarious…brilliantly observed" The Independent

    The War Against Science

    Director: James Van Der Pool Horizon. BBC 2. 2004

    The History of Islam in Europe

    BBC 2. 2004 Director: Paul Sapin


    Director: Ashok Prasad BBC Everyman. 2004.


    PBS Frontline USA. 2002. Director: Graham Judd

    Filmed in Iran, Malaysia, Turkey, Egypt and Nigeria.

    Calling Hedy Lamar

    Director: Georg Misch BBC Arena - Feature Documentary

    The Real Cracker

    Director: Patrick Forbes

    4 part series for Channel 4. Oxford Film and Television. Tx 2001.

    Robot Wars: the search for Artificial Intelligence

    Director: Patrick Forbes Channel 4. Oxford Film and Television. 2001

    "Seriousness and hilarity sit comfortably in this hugely entertaining yet deeply thought provoking documentary" Time Out

    Dying Alone Director: Ashok Prasad BBC Everyman. 2000

    Feature Film

    Director: Douglas Gordon Artangel and The Pompidou Centre.

    Exhibited at the Pompidou Centre and London's Meltdown Festival 2000

    Shattered Dream

    A film exploring the life and contradictions of the campaigning climber, activist and poet Edwin Drummond.

    Director: Simon Beaufoy BBC 40 Minutes. Super 16. 1994